Natevo Briscola Chair

Briscola Chair

Natevo Briscola Chair


Designed by Pinuccio Borgonovo, 2019

Thanks to its sinuous shape, the chair Briscola beautifully complements any type of table. Comfort is guaranteed by the seat and the backrest, consisting of a single foamed shell that matches any style.

The pleasantly rounded lines contrast with the sharp cut of the upholstery, creating a stylish chair that was unmistakably inspired by the world of automobiles.

Tailored details soften the sharpness of the metal structure. The upholstery of the backrest and seat is in fully removable fabric or leather. The structure is made of metal in matt burnished, anodic bronze and matt greige finishes.

Natevo Briscola Chair


Natevo Briscola Chair


He was born in Giussano (MI) on September 25th 1956.

Following his studies at the State Art Institute of Cantù, he acquired considerable experience with the Design Center of one of the main furnishing industries.

Here he acquired depth knowledge on the materials, their technological applications, the engineering aspects of the products and the problems associated with industrial design.

In 1987, he went free-lance and worked as a consultant for some leading furniture companies. From the collaboration with the Research and Development Centers and their designers, he created products of international success.

In 1992, he worked closely with another important company, designing a furniture collection based on innovative concepts that consent, among other things, the development of the first modular system to appear on the market with finished multi-purpose elements.

In 2001, he created a new home concept founded on a space where there is interaction of products characterized by an evident technical arrangement: a modular system, a collection of tables (commended for the Compasso d’Oro 2005), a program/system for closing and subdividing the space (doors, sliding and partition walls).

In addition to the design and the industrialization of the products, he is art director for some companies and responsible for the corporate image strategies.






Natevo Briscola Chair




Upholstery of the backrest and seat


Fully removable fabric or leather




The structure is made of metal in matt burnished, anodic bronze and matt greige finishes.

Natevo Briscola Chair


- Lenght : 52 cm
- Weigth : 56 cm
- Height : 78 cm 


Fabric or leather


Pinuccio Borgonovo


This chair is named after a popular Italian card game - Briscola. It is the perfect addition for every type of table and transmits an immediate sensation of comfort. The rounded shape contrasts sharply with the tailoring of the covers, creating an image that was clearly inspired by the world of automobiles. The severe metal structure (available in a matt burnished, anodic bronze or matt greige finish) is softened by the fabric or leather covers

Natevo Briscola Chair


- Matt burnished T013
- Anodic bronze T010
- Matt greige T019

Natevo Briscola Chair
Matt burnished T013
Natevo Briscola Chair
Anodic bronze T010
Natevo Briscola Chair
Matt greige T019