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Zanat Koba Coffee & Side Table (Round)

Koba Coffee & Side Table (Round)

Zanat Koba Coffee & Side Table (Round)


Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud

This set of sculptural side tables features a hand-carved base in solid wood and a seamlessly integrated tabletop in mouth-blown glass by Poshinger, a 450-year-old glass blowing family business from Germany.

Poshinger, like Zanat, uses a production technique inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list. The hand-carved top in wood reveals a rounded rectangular opening in the middle that is not only decorative but enables one to easily grab and carry the tables.

The hand-carved wooden cap on top can be easily unscrewed which enables the glass to be shipped separately and replaced if needed.

Zanat Koba Coffee & Side Table (Round)


Zanat Koba Coffee & Side Table (Round)


“For me design is about seeing the context, discovering the stakes, be they cultural, ecological, economic…, and finding a simple solution that makes a creative synthesis of the stakes.”

Since the beginning of his career (a 1990 graduate of Paris’ ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Paris Design Institute), Jean-Marie Massaud has been working on an extensive range of works, stretching from architecture to objects, from one-off project to serial ones, from macro environment down to micro contexts.

Major brands such as Axor, Cassina, Christofle, Poliform, Toyota have solicited his ability to mix comfort and elegance, zeitgeist and heritage, generosity and distinction. Beyond these elegant designs, his quest for lightness – in matters of essence – synthesize three broader stakes: individual and collective fulfillment, economic and industrial efficiency, and environmental concerns.

“I’m trying to find an honest, generous path with the idea that, somewhere between the hard economic data, there are users. People.”

His creations, whether speculative or pragmatic, explore this imperative paradigm: reconciling pleasure with responsibility, the individual with the collective. We have known and admired the works of Jean-Marie much before we launched Zanat. He accepted our invitation to collaborate after a meeting at Salone Del Mobile in Milan in 2018.

Jean-Marie has challenged Zanat to push the boundaries of what we can do in solid wood and to achieve the perfection in project execution. The result is not only seen in some extraordinary objects we have created together, but also in generating skills and knowhow that will benefit Zanat for many years to come.







Jean-marie Massaud



Zanat Koba Coffee & Side Table (Round)


- Width : 45cm (17.5”)
- Height : 44 cm(17” )
- Depth : 45 cm(17.5”)

Zanat Koba Coffee & Side Table (Round)


- Width : 48cm (19")
- Height : 55 cm(21.5” )
- Depth : 45 cm(17.5”)


All Zanat products can be cleaned with soft dry or damp cotton or other soft cloth. For repairs and reoiling of oil-finished products, please consult our Care & Maintenance manual. Oil-finished dining tables come with a free care & maintenance kit. The kits can also be purchased from Zanat.


-Maple black stain+matt lacquer -Walnut, oil

Zanat Koba Coffee & Side Table (Round)
Zanat Koba Coffee & Side Table (Round)


All wood used in Zanat’s products comes from sustainably managed forests or private fruit orchards (walnut and cherry). FSC certificates for forest-originating wood are available upon request. Moreover, in 2021 Zanat undertook a commitment to plant three new trees for every tree we used to produce our products.

Color variations and small healthy knots in wood are indications of material authenticity and cannot be considered a defect. Wood is a hygroscopic material which absorbs and sheds moisture to adopt to the humidity of the environment in which it is placed and it expands or shrinks as a consequence. To minimize checking and cracking, all Zanat products should be kept indoors (outdoors use is OK if protected from precipitation and direct sunlight) and air humidity should not be less than 40% or more than 70%. Humidity outside this range is not optimal for human health and can result in product damage.


Zanat provides a five-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects in standard products (materials and workmanship). Wear, tear and product damages is not covered under this warranty. The claims will not cover minor checks in wood, which result from relative humidity changes. Cracks in wood that result as a consequence of air humidity outside the above-indicated safe range, discolorations resulting from direct exposure of products to sunlight or otherwise improper use will not be covered under the warranty. Claims from end users must be submitted to the dealer from whom the product was purchased in order to be considered.

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