Alma Light Potlight Table Lamp


Alma Light Potlight Table Lamp


Designed by Josep Novell & Josep Puig

Potlight is a table lamp with a ceramic base and a shade made up of two glass cylinders that leave a space between them that can be filled.

Its most original and striking feature, therefore, is the possibility of changing its appearance, offering countless possibilities for customization by introducing small everyday objects that one can place between the two glasses.

We love POTLIGHT for its originality and versatility when it comes to designing its look at will.

The 2cm of space left between both glasses allow the personalization of the shade with paper, fabric, wood shavings, food items, jewelry, marbles, photos... or any contribution born from the user's imagination and creativity as long as it is not liquids!

Alma Light Potlight Table Lamp


Alma Light Potlight Table Lamp


(Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, 1953)

He studied Product Design at ELISAVA (School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona) and he later graduated as Bachelor of Arts at the University of Southampton (United Kingdom).

Since 1980 he has been dedicated to design, both from his own studio and in collaboration with other designers. In 1984 he founded the company "Via design, sa" together with joan suñol, a project that ended in 1988.

He later created "Novell / puig design" together with the designer josep puig. In addition, since 1984 teaches as a professor of projects in the school of design elisava. He is a member of the industrial design association of the foment de les arts I del disseny (adi-fad).

In alma light, together with the designers josep puig and ernest perera, he has developed classic luminaires of the brand such as the collections blow, cuadrat, flat, moon & supermoon, paros alabaster, square, stone, sun and tiny. Josep Novell is particularly interested in closely relating three concepts: form, material and manufacturing process.

He also takes into account more intangible aspects of the product such as communication, emotion or ethics. His designs are present in areas as different as lighting, packaging, product design, furniture or corporate image.

Josep Novell is one of the great designers of our country, and many of his creations have been awarded and exhibited in fairs and design contests in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Alma Light Potlight Table Lamp


(Terrassa, Barcelona, 1959)

He studied industrial design at elisava (escuela universitaria de barcelona diseño y ingeniería) and obtained his degree in 1980.

He later completed his degree at the university of southampton (uk) where he graduated with honors as a bachelor of arts.

He is a member of the industrial design association of the promotion of arts and design adi-fad and has been part of the board of the association on several occasions.

He has taught courses and workshops in numerous design forums and is currently a professor at elisava, where he has been leading the master in design and product development since 2006.

Josep puig is a restless and brilliant designer whose creativity has developed in many areas. Among other initiatives, he is a founding member of the experimental design group "Transatlàntic" with ramón benedito and lluís morillas. In 1989 he embarked on the project

"The barna crossing in fukuoka" with “alfredo arribas arquitectos asociados”, for the design of a collection of objects for a multimedia complex in fukuoka, japan. During his professional career he has received numerous awards and distinctions from spanish and international organizations.

Together with the designer josep novell founded in 1992 the study "Novell / puig design", oriented to the design and development of products. In 2010 he created his own studio "Puig [I] Cabeza design". For alma light has developed, along with josep novell, collections of classic luminaires of the brand as stone, sun and tiny.

Its designs, many of them awarded in national and international competitions, cover areas as varied as sanitary ware, glasses, packaging, ceramics and glass, household appliances, furniture, lighting and household items.







Table Lamp


IP 20


Made in Spain


Clean with a soft piece of cloth. Do not use solvent, amoniac based or abrasive products.


- Height : 152 cm
- Diameter : 45 cm

Alma Light Potlight Table Lamp








Josep Novell & Josep Puig


Shade composed of one transparent borosilicate glass and one inner borosilicate sandblasted glass. Structure ceramics / clay


The lamp, even naked, with nothing between the shades, is beautiful and ideal for placing on a piece of furniture or a shelf, in a restaurant or hotel facility, or in a cultural or retail project.

Alma Light Potlight Table Lamp


When customized, it makes any place and opportunity special: POTLIGHT offers infinite variations that the user can create without any effort.




PotLight offers the possibility of modifying its appearance thanks to the 2cm of space between both glasses that allow customization of the shade. A wide variety of small everyday items (non-liquid) can be deposited between both glasses, thus offering infinite variations that can be created without any effort.

Alma Light Potlight Table Lamp


White, dark gray pica has a total height of 152cm. The cotton shade, available in white, dark gray or customizable according to the interior design requirements, is covered by a plastic membrane and measures 45cm in diameter and 22cm in height. The structure, with a cross-shaped base, is made of iron, textured-painted in anthracite color.




Two types of fi ller included, wood shavings and handmade craft paper