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Casamilano Mondrian Bookshelf


Casamilano Mondrian Bookshelf


Designed by Massimiliano Raggi 

A bookshelf with a graphic and moderndesign, rich in details, that gives it a strong personality.

The metal frame is embellished by the manual and artisan workmanship coated finish.

A functional bookcase that furnishes the living-room with a sober elegance.

It can be fixed to the wall or to the floor, used as a dividing-element within the same room.

Casamilano Mondrian Bookshelf


Casamilano Mondrian Bookshelf


Born in San Marino in 1967, gets an architectural degree to Politecnico in Milan in 1993.

Between 1990 and 1992 works in Mario Bellini’s architectural study in Milan, realizing in the meantime some projects of interior architecture in San Marino.

After his degree, moves to Paris where he works for Habitat, a society specialized in design and international distribution for home products, dealing in furniture, lightning, upholstery, and taking care about their development where they were produced (Europe, Asia).

Since 1997 he is style director for Habitat International. Manages a team formed by five design-coordinators, searching trends, through the supervision of products concept and the coordination of the collection.

In April 1999 leaves Habitat and opens an architectural study and interior design in San Marino, where he works with a 5 elements team, taking care about interior design projects for public and private areas, setting up and products design for Casamilano, Sicis, Contardi, Room.



- Metal
- Liquid Painted






Made in Italy






Massimiliano Raggi


- Liquid
- Epoxy
- Acrylic

Casamilano Mondrian Bookshelf


- Particleboard wooden panel
- Covered in wood essence or glossy painted.


Once disused, the product does not have to be abandoned in the environment, but given to public disposal sites.




- Graphic 
- Moderndesign


Do not rock. Do not drag. Do not stand on this item. Do not subject to excessive weight. Sit in the correct position (not on the arms or back). Do not leave in damp places (danger of mold). The product may undergo colour changes if exposed to direct sunlight. Do not expose to atmospheric agents. Do not place the product near or in direct contact with heat sources in order to avoid distortion or damage. Casamilano is not liable for any damage to objects or people caused by incorrect installation, neglected maintenance or use which is not appropriate for the product's intended use.


Casamilano Mondrian Bookshelf
Casamilano Mondrian Bookshelf


Thank you for buying a casamilano product. This certificate is proof of the product's authenticity and describes its essential characteristics, to help you take care of it over time. Casamilano collection is 100% made in Italy, from design to creativity, styling to finished item. Fully respectful of the environment, the entire production process is carried out by highly qualified craftspeople, using quality raw materials. Any possible imperfections are due to the manual workmanship that makes every piece unique.

This warranty is valid for 2 (two) years from the date of purchase. The guarantee does not cover parts damaged due to faulty or incorrect installation, damage caused by accidents such as falls or blows, natural events, or any defect not attributable to the manufacture of the product. The guarantee is not valid where the product has been dismantled, modified or repaired without consulting Casamilano. Damage caused by incorrect use and maintenance are not considered manufacturing defects. The manufacturer should be notified promptly of any defects.



Casamilano Mondrian Bookshelf
Artisanal Finishes
Casamilano Mondrian Bookshelf


Casamilano Mondrian Bookshelf
Casamilano Mondrian Bookshelf



They have to be tidied up and frequently aired, shaking the material inside to distribute uniformly.


Remove dust using gently a damp cloth to avoid scratching the surfaces. For glass parts cleaning, use either alcohol diluted with water or glass detergent, then dry it with a soft cloth. Avoid the use of products containing acetone, ammonia, chlorine and solvents, any abrasive product and wax for furniture.


For the daily maintenance of leather upholstery, use a clean, soft, white cloth to take off dust. In case of spots, treat immediately the surface with a clean, white cloth, damped with warm water. Do not rub the surface. Do not use solvents or alcohol as they can damage forever the look of the leather. In case of oily spots, take them off carefully using absorbent paper, without making any pressure to avoid that the oily material penetrates into the leather pores. Carefully take off the spot using a clean cloth, damped with a very diluted emulsion of water and neutral soap. Let the leather upholstery dry in the open air, but not to direct sunlight.


For the daily maintenance of fabric upholstery, use a soft cloth to take off dust. Avoid carpet-beater or vacuum cleaner, which can damage the padding. In case of spots, treat the surface as soon as possible with a clean, white cloth, damped with warm water (do not rub down the surface). Do not use detergents. Let the fabric dry in the open air, do not iron or vaporize. If it is necessary to wash the upholstery completely, before proceeding you have to protect the velcro with a protective velcroproof tape, avoiding any damage during washing. Casamilano always recommends to dry clean and reverse ironing care of a specialized dry-cleaner. In case of spots, inform the dry- cleaner about the type of stain. All info about fabric maintenance are available on our website.


Remove dust using a damp cloth. In case of stains caused by liquids or greasy substances, immediately gently remove dirt with an absorbing cloth. Then wipe gently the whole surface with a cloth dampened with warm water, avoiding scratches on surfaces. Do not use any products containing alcohol, acetone, ammonia, chlorine or solvents, abrasive products, limescale remover, since they might permanently damage the surface of the product, making it look opaque, with marks. Marble is a very delicate material; being porous, it tends to absorb liquids and therefore to stain. Casamilano marble products are treated with a special anti-stain and water-repellent product, but in any case, oily or acidic substances have to be promptly removed so as not to damage the surface. As marble is a natural product, any visible imperfection or irregularity of the veins or colours has to be considered to be properties of the marble itself, features that emphasize the uniqueness of the product not a defect.

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